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Key Projects

Focusing on the development and implementation of sustainable energy solutions, we have contributed significantly to the clean energy landscape in India & around the globe with the following projects & many others in the pipeline. 

Indian Projects

140MWp Solar PV RJ, India
The 140MWp Solar PV project in Rajasthan, India, is a testament of our commitment to developing renewable energy assets that empower India’s position on the global map as a prominent RE player & meets the energy requirements of Rajasthan State Discom as well.

210MWp Solar PV TN, India
Delivering comprehensive solutions, from EPC to acquiring permits and land, we are striving to foster the growth of clean energy infrastructure in the region. The successful execution of the 210MWp Solar PV power plant in Tamil Nadu, India, is a sheer example of the same. 

306MWp Solar PV Nokh, RJ, India
The 306MWp Solar PV power plant in Nokh, Rajasthan, Jakson Green marks a successful implementation of large-scale solar projects equipped with advanced 1R trackers, enhancing energy production and harnessing the power of the sun efficiently. 

552MWp Solar PV RJ, India
Our prowess in execution of complex EPC projects can be well attested with our remarkable 552MWp Solar PV power plant project in Rajasthan. The incorporation of cutting-edge 2R trackers and robust 220kV evacuation systems significantly advances India’s solar power capacity and paves the way for a greener future. 

International Projects

50MWp Solar PV turnkey EPC, West Africa
By seamlessly handling the engineering, procurement, and construction aspects, our turnkey EPC project for the 50MWp Solar PV installation in West Africa comprises of our comprehensive solar solutions. This project has not only contributed to the renewable energy landscape of the region but also empowered local communities with clean and sustainable power, making a positive impact on the environment and promoting energy independence. 

24MWp+27MWh Solar-Storage turnkey EPC, West Africa
The 24MWp+27MWh Solar-Storage turnkey EPC project in West Africa integrates solar power generation with energy storage solutions. By combining solar PV with advanced storage technology, we have created a reliable and sustainable energy ecosystem. This project not only ensures a stable power supply but also enables the optimization of renewable energy usage, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and enhancing grid stability, thereby accelerating the transition towards a greener future in West Africa. 

300MWp+126MWh Solar-Storage turnkey EPC, CIS region
Our 300MWp+126MWh Solar-Storage turnkey EPC project in the CIS region exemplifies our capabilities in executing large-scale renewable energy projects. By combining solar PV with energy storage on such a significant scale, we are striving to revolutionize the energy landscape of the CIS region. This project contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions & enables the effective integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, fostering energy security and sustainability.

108MWp Solar PV turnkey EPC, MENA
The 108MWp Solar PV turnkey EPC project in the MENA region is advancing our commitment to strengthening solar power infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa. Our impeccable EPC capabilities are equipped to play this pivotal role in expanding the region’s renewable energy capacity. This project is significantly contributing to meeting the growing energy demands of the MENA region & reducing carbon emissions.  

Power to X Projects

India’s largest Hydrogen for Urban Mobility
India’s largest Hydrogen for Urban Mobility project involves the production and dispensation of hydrogen for metro feeder transport at Badarpur, Delhi. With an expected completion in 2023, this ambitious endeavor showcases our commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. By facilitating the use of hydrogen as a clean energy source, this project not only reduces carbon emissions but also contributes to combating air pollution and promoting a greener transportation ecosystem, fostering a more sustainable and livable urban environment. 

India’s first CO2-to-Methanol Plant
Elevating sustainable fuel production, we are proud to set up ‘India’s first CO2-to-Methanol Plant’. As the lead EPC contractor for the 10TPD FG-CTM (Flue Gas Carbon Capture to Methanol) Methanol production facility, we are driving the transformation of carbon dioxide into a valuable resource. This project, set to be completed in 2023, holds great promise in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, promoting circular economy principles, and unlocking new avenues for clean and renewable energy solutions in India. 

Leading Steel Producer in India
As the provider of a turnkey EPC solution for a leading steel producer in India, we are spearheading the establishment of a 250 nm3/hour green hydrogen generation plant. With a targeted completion in 2023, this project showcases our expertise in delivering sustainable energy solutions to heavy industries. By enabling the production of green hydrogen, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hydrogen production methods, we are helping the steel industry reduce its carbon footprint and transition towards a more sustainable and low-emission future